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Man....Wassup people!? It's been a little while since I logged in but while I was running around I found something that you guys might like. She's this lil thick ass white girl named Chay, hope you like it.

So me and the MWE crew are in Las Vegas for the AVN awards and I happen to meet this juicy ass woman name Honeybee who I found online. I get her to do her first scene on the site so check it out and tell me what you think.

Aww damn, I was out in the hood moving around and ran into Lil T, this slim ass chick kinda who was hood, but in a sexy hood way and wouldn't ya know my guy Redzilla shows up to break her in the right way..............

Good Ole Country Pussy
Hey everybody it's your boy Xaiver and it took a little while for me to get my pc fixed but I'm back! So first thing I got a couple of new scenes for you like this one . While off for the holidays I went down South and did some filming wth my guy Eric and found him a cute ass chick named Carmel. Check this scene out.

Now I got Sparkle, Kia and Da Kidd here for you with a hot ass threesome! Sometimes it gets hard to catch up with these damn chicks so when you see them you gotta use them right then and there! Check it out!

Okay we back and I ran into Kia's thick big booty ass in the street and I just happened to have my guy Rome Major with me to beat that thick ass up for y'all. Hope you enjoy the scene.

Being in Chicago you run across all types of chicks out and about, so I was at the club and ran into this lil sexy one.
She goes by Caramel Drop and got a nice lil sexy ass body and got nasty for the camera so tell me how you like the video.

So my homie Da Kidd is getting married and I was there to film this helluva bachelor party!!!! My main man D-Shot was in the building that night with this wild chick named Goddess, Whew! This is how you properly send your guy out the game; with a big ass bang! I wish I had a party like this! Enjoy what went down.

While at Chicago Exxotica, me and my homie Rome Major ran into pornstar Jayla Diamond at her booth and after some talking she decided to do some scenes for me. Here ya go, hope you enjoy it as much as Rome did!!!

Man, what's up people? Being in this game for a little while you come across some shit you just don't believe.

So I'm hanging out at a hole in the wall in Louisville, KY and I run into this lil older russian chick. After a couple of drinks I get her into doing a video and before she shoots she tells me that she got another girl that might be interested in making some money too, so i say, "Okay, cool." Now when we go to pick up the other chick I'm thinking it's going to be another older chick but this lady walks out looking about 23 years old, blond and sexy, so I'm like, "Oh hell yeah, I just came up!"

So tell me how you like the video we made, thanks.


So we're here in Chicago for the Exxotica Convention checking out the talent with my guy Rome Major reppin' Philly. We're walking around trying to find someone to shoot with and run into to Porn Star Sara Jay's thick ass. After talking to her for about an hour we work out a deal and the rest is history.....hope you enjoy.


Man, so I get emails and texts from all kinds of people being in this game, so one of my long time buddies hit me up talking about
they got a lil chick trying to get some bread up, so you know how that usually goes. I'm like okay and I get my guy Rome
Major from Philly to put the chick to the test, so watch and enjoy!


All of the performers/models, and all of the characters that they portray, were over 18 years of age at the time of depiction.
The content is inappropriate for minors and appropriate care should be taken to ensure that it is not viewed by anyone under 18 years of age.

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