Now earlier this year I was on vacation in Brazil for about 20 days kicking it at my condo. I met some sexy chicks from the hood strip club and here is part 1 of the video to go with it! Enjoy!

Since I've had the website up a lot of people been asking me about that fine ass Ms. Harris or "Snika." She's the same chick from a previous videowe shot so I caught up with her and here's the hot video from that session. I hope y'all enjoy it, peace.

Wassup everybody its your boy Xaiver putting up some new shit on here and showin' y'all some of my travels.
I was on vacation in Rio De Janiero for about 2 weeks chilling and we ran into these two thick ass chicks
walking on the strip. I go talk to them and convince them to do a scene for me so tell me what you think, peace.

Now this lil chick here is Mz Natural. I fucks wit her quite often cause she a lil sexy something, but this last time
she tried to be slick and break out with some of my bread. So I go and send my goons to teach that ass a lesson so check it out.

Now Armi has always been a lil sexy, small ass shaped chick. I had to search high and low to find her lil sexy ass and try to get her to film. I finally got her down!!!! Hope you enjoy the video peace

Hey wassup everybody, got some hot girl-girl action coming at you. Now Kia and Coco always work on their own stuff but now sitting here at the studio they decided to want to get it in and who am i to stop them? Hope you enjoy, peace.

Joe I go to Brazil about 3 or 4 times a year to relax, chill, and do a little filming and keep it moving.
So this time I'm out walking around looking at all these chicks and I catch one looking hard so I holler at her
and get her back to the room for some good banging. Enjoy!

So I'm cruisin' on the beach and I see this big tittied chick in the water and those titties bouncing all around for no reason,
so you know I had to find out what she was on, which would be my dick! So here we go....

"Always looking for new talent!" Now that is my logo and the motto I live by, don't matter where or what time it is.
So I'm syrfin' online and I see Holly Berry's sexy white ass taking dick like a BEAST! I was like damn I gotta shoot her and we did a helluva scene. Check it out!

On this night me and my guy are out blowing back on that loud pack and it's my guy's bday and this half naked ass chick comes
walking down the street choosin' so we yell, "Bitch it's like 3am okay, we know what you need!" Needless to say she was goin' with us! #TeamFuckHoes got another one lol.

Wow, so I'm chillin' and my phone rings and it's my old-school freak Terri Monica's fine ass. I'm like damn "blast from the past" and I ain't heard from her in years. I told her, "Shit, if you're in town come and fuck witcha boy!" She came through and we CAME!

Hope you guys enjoy the scene!

orgy time

I Had found this chick on one of those porn job websites looking for work. Lil' sexy chica was nice and fresh.


jodie stacks

Gotta love this lil bright yellow chick and she was ready to do it how it is suppose to be done.


While on vacation i ran into some lil wild brazilian chicks trying to get it in. I hope you enjoy the scene.


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